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Skip the line with Q-Anywhere to activate new prescriptions for same-day pickup at the 96th MDG! To use the Q-Anywhere service, text "Get in Line" to 833-274-5398.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Q-Anywhere?
A1: Q-Anywhere is a remote queuing system for NEW prescriptions that allows you to "get in line" virtually at the pharmacy without being there. You can use this service from anywhere (home, store, etc.).

Q2: Can I request refills using Q-Anywhere?
A2: No. Q-Anywhere is only for NEW and renewal prescriptions.

Q3: What is the difference between refills and renewals? Aren’t they the same?
A3: No; if your provider authorizes refills on your prescription, you can fill the prescription and refill it up to the authorized number of times. Depending on the medication, your prescription may expire within one year or less, including any unused refills. By contrast, a renewal is required when your original prescription expires or runs out of refills. In this case, your provider must order a new prescription to continue your medication.

Q4: Why are Q-numbers not called in of order?
A4: Some prescriptions take more time to prepare than others. One patient may have a single medication while another patient may have many medications.

Q5: Why isn’t my prescription ready? My doctor/nurse told me it would be ready.
A5: Unfortunately, providers aren’t always aware of our process and how long it will take. Pharmacy staff can provide an estimated wait time once you arrive.

Q6: Why aren't more pharmacy windows open?
A6: Staffing levels don't always allow us to use all available pharmacy windows.

Q7: Why doesn't Q-Anywhere work in the morning?
A7: Q-Anywhere is only available during the pharmacy's operating hours.

Q8: Why can’t I use the Q-number from yesterday?
A8: Your Q-number is only valid on the day it was issued. If you were unable to pick-up your prescriptions that day, you can start a new Q-Anywhere request today.

Q9: Can I use Q-Anywhere to request prescriptions for multiple members of the family?
A9: Yes; after entering the first patient’s DOD ID number and getting confirmation the patient has been added, enter the next DOD ID number. You can add up to four patients.

Q10: How can I get my prescriptions if I can't use a cell phone?
A10: Q-Anywhere is just one option for new prescriptions. You can still get new prescriptions by visiting the pharmacy in person or by using TRICARE Home Delivery or a TRICARE Network Pharmacy.
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